Capital Campaign Board Workshops

Nip Your Board’s Fear of a Capital Campaign in the Bud

Your board can completely overcome their fear of a capital campaign. This special interactive 3-4 hour workshop is custom-designed to get your board informed and committed and fired-up about your capital campaign.

Help your board members fully understand and support your campaign goals and objectives

Ensure that your board knows exactly what’s expected of them during the campaign

Get your board informed, committed and excited about your campaign, even before you do a feasibility study

3. Scheduled Campaign Retreats

Your board members have voted. They’ve approved a capital campaign to raise more money than your organization has ever raised before. It seemed the logical next step following months of planning.
But you can tell… they’re terrified.

Only a couple of your board members have deep pockets. The rest are well-meaning people of modest means. They care deeply about your cause, but even if they all give the most they could, the campaign won’t get anywhere near the goal.

You need someone who really knows how to pull off a wildly successful campaign to engage, excite and empower your board.

There’s nothing like having your board members, staff and steering committee spend a fun and informative day with a campaign expert in a workshop custom-designed to solve your unique problems.

Last year, our board finalized our master plan and voted to move ahead with a capital campaign. But I could tell, they were anxious. They knew that the big money wasn’t going to come from them and they had trouble imagining how we’d raise all that money.

Enter CCM!

They designed a half-day workshop for our board and campaign committee that got everyone involved. And by the time it was done, everyone understood exactly what was expected of them. They could imagine success, and they got reconnected with all the reasons they were involved in the first place.

And now?

The energy’s high and the board members are stepping up — every one of them!

Jeannie Mattson, Campaign Director, Wolfe’s Neck Farm

A Campaign Readiness Board Workshop will turn the skeptics on your board into true believers and get them fired up!

Engage Your Board in a Fun and Lively Way

A Campaign Readiness Board Workshop will invite your board into a lively, non-threatening and exciting process.

They’ll learn the basics of capital campaign fundraising and they’ll be ready to do what it takes to launch and carry out a successful campaign.

What will a Campaign Readiness Workshop do for you?


Understand and buy in to your campaign’s goals and objectives.

Know what it takes to conduct a successful campaign.

Be fully informed about the roles they’ll be asked to play in the campaign.

YOU will…

Know what your board members can give to your campaign.

Learn how to tell your campaign story in a way that lights people up.

Discover who your top campaign donors are and how to engage them in your campaign planning.

Your workshop is 100% customized for your board.

To prepare for the workshop, we will schedule a conference call with your ED, DD and Board Chair to understand your specific issues.

You’ll be asked to provide some documents for the workshop. For example, we’ll ask for donor lists and a draft of your campaign goals and objectives, among other material.

Interested in having a board workshop designed for your board?

Once we know the specifics about your organization and your campaign, we’ll work together to fine-tune the workshop design to fit your special situation.

Click the button below to fill to tell us a little about your board and your campaign. Then, we’ll schedule a time to talk and determine just what your board needs to succeed.

Answers to Your Questions

Who facilitates the workshop?

Capital campaign veterans Andrea Kihlstedt and Paula Peter personally conduct these workshops. Both have extensive experience facilitating and working with board members.

How long are the workshops?

We usually plan to spend a day with you, but the workshop for your board is 3-4 hours. The rest of the day, we work with staff or your campaign leaders.

Where will the workshop be held?

We’ll come to you for the workshop. We like an informal setting in a room that’s big enough and flexible enough so people can move around easily. That might be your location if you have adequate space, or it may be held at a nearby meeting facility.

When would the workshop take place?

We’ll plan the timing of the workshop to fit the pattern of your board. Workshops often begin at 9am and end at 3pm. Or, we can start at noon and wrap up at 6pm. Some organizations may prefer to start at 3pm, provide dinner, and end at 9pm. The schedule is as flexible as you need it to be.

Because this is a long, intensely interactive workshop, we prefer to break it up with a light meal — an excellent time for informal discussion about the campaign.

Who should attend the workshop?

We’ll be happy to talk with you about what would best for your organization. Sometimes we work only with board members. Other times, it makes sense to address both the board and the campaign steering committee.

Your executive director and chief development staff members will participate in the workshop, too.

How much does an on-site workshop cost?

The cost of the workshop depends partly on your specific needs and also on your location. But the prices is likely to be between $4,000 and $5,500 for the day.

How far in advance should we schedule our session?

Don’t delay — start the process of scheduling your workshop today.

Bonus Morning-After Strategy Session

Campaign Readiness Board Workshops includes a meeting with you and key members of your campaign team the morning after the workshop for a full discussion about your campaign.

This will give you a chance to debrief the workshop and discuss strategic decisions you will make as you go forward.
You can also request an extra day for one-on-one campaign strategy consulting for you and your staff for a discounted price.

The sooner your board is 100% on board with your capital campaign, the better.


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